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Important Dates

Submission Deadline
March 16, 2017

Notification Day
About 10 days after

Registration Deadline
March 21, 2017

Conference Date
March 26-27, 2017

Keynote Speaker

Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

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General Chairs and Keynote Speakers
Dr. M. Dumitriu, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Prof. S. Krusche, Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany

International Scientific Committees

Dr. A. Bhatla, Worleyparsons, USA
Dr. C. T. Tsai, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Prof. B. T. Sayed, Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman
Prof. B. Llamazares , Valladolid University, Spain
Prof. D. C. Sonia, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania
Prof. B. Sertyesilisik, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
Dr. B. Mrugalska, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
Prof. D. R. Peddle, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Prof. H. M. Chang, Putain University, China
Prof. L. Zysberg, Gordon College of Education, Israel
Prof. M. Ciurea, University of Petroșani, Romania
Prof. L. Nguyen, International Engineering and Technology Institute, Hong Kong
Prof. P. M. K. Prasad, GMR Institute of Technology, India
Dr. I. Memon, Zhejiang University, China
Dr. J. S. Jeong, Technical University of Madrid, Spain
Dr. H. Omidvar, National Iranian Gas Company, Iran
Prof. G. D. Bona, University of Cassino and Souther Lazio, Italy
Prof. C. G. Marques, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal
Prof. A. Bhattacharya, Mallabhum Institute of Technology, India
Prof. M. Hashim, National Textile University, Pakistan
Dr. M. Sharma, DAV University, India
Prof. H. M. Lee, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Dr. C. C. Liao, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Prof. L. Lin, China University of Technology, Taiwan
Prof. H. Salca, Spiru Haret University, Romania
Prof. R. H. Wong, Hwa-Hsia University of Technology, Taiwan
Prof. G. Q. Chen, Peking University, China
Prof. I.D.L. T.Díez, University of Valladolid, Spain
Prof.M. Bhardwaj, SRM University, India
Dr. A. A. Hernandez, De La Salle University, Philippines
Prof. C. Frajuca, Sao Paulo Federal Institute, Brazil
Dr. M. A. Khoshkholghi, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia
Dr. M. Sobih, MSA University, Egypt
Dr. P. Kuttalam, Solartis Technology Private Limited, India

Prof. R. Szewczyk, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and
Measurements, Poland

Prof. M. G. Buonomenna, National Chemists Council of Italy, Italy
Dr. M. Dener, Gazi University, Turkey
Prof. H.I. Al-Shafey, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt
Prof. E. I. Arafa, Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute, Egypt
Prof. A. Luévanos Rojas, Autonomous University of Coahuila, México
Dr. Z. Ghemari, University Mohamed Boudiaf- M'sila, Algeria
Prof. L. E. Aciu, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania
Prof. I. Saleh, University of Paris 8, France

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